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There’s No Place Like Home: Detention, Activism and the Arts

Tuesday 21 May 2019, 5 – 7pm

Mansions of the Future, Lincoln

Free to attend but booking required:

© Manuch for SYMAAG
A panel discussion around the growing practice of detention worldwide and the impact on civil liberties, social cohesion and human rights. Consisting of a mix of academics, activists and artists, including Deirdre Conlon (University of Leeds), Lisa White (University of Lincoln), Stuart Crosthwaite (South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group),Tom Martin (photographer), and Natasha Davis (artist). Chaired by Ben Hudson (University of Lincoln), a specialist in human rights law.

Grounded in Lincolnshire, but tackling some of today’s biggest issues, including:

  • Indefinite detention, freedom and civil liberties in the context of Morton Hall Immigration Detention Centre in Lincolnshire, detention centres across the UK, and carceral spaces further afield.
  • The hostile environment cultivated by Theresa May and the Conservative government.
  • Migration and borders in the context of Brexit and Euroscepticism in Lincolnshire and the UK (with Boston recording the highest leave vote).
  • Hospitality and integration in “Fortress Europe”.

Within the context of a presentation of photographs (by Manuch for South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group) that explores the ways in which male refugees and asylum seekers in Morton Hall experience detention. This panel discussion is sponsored by the Lincoln Institute for Advanced Study in collaboration with Mansions of the Future and the Centre for Culture and Creativity. Part of Wednesday Sessions, a 6-month programme of talks curated by Mansions of the Future. This series focuses on models of working which suggest new connections and ecologies between artists and non-artists, humans and nature, the individual and the collective, and modes of operation often stemming from feminist practices.

Email [email protected] or call Kaya Davies Hayon on 01522886138 / 07515028052 for further details, interview opportunities or press places.


Mansions of the Future is a new public space for art and creativity in Lincoln. Facilities include disabled access, heated studio, WIFI, archive and library. The building is located next to train and bus stations. Parking is not provided on-site, but public car parks are within walking distance.